# 76 - Bi-Anishinaabemog: Bezhig Niigaan

This level one workbook contains 18 units to assist in learning basic Ojibwe. Also included are a glossary, answer key and full audio CD.



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Item # Title
2 Abinoojiiwi Nagamonan
3 Talking Gookom's Language
4 Ojibwe Medical Interpreter's Handbook
5 Ojibwe Christmas Songs by Lawrence Teddy Boy Houle
6 Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe
7 First Nation Language Lesson CD-Rom (Ojibwe/Saulteaux)
9 Cree Medical Interpreters Handbook
11 Dakota Our Language - Book & Tapes or CD
12 Dakota Word Dictionary - Book & Tapes or CD's
14 First Nation Language CD Rom (Dakota) by Soloman Sunrise Creations
15 Dakota Okhanpi "Dakota Verb Phrases" (Book & CD) by Doris Pratt
16 Manitoba Aboriginal Medical Glossary (includes Cree, Dakota, Dene, Ojibwe & Oji-Cree)
17 Manitoba Aboriginal Legal Glossary (Set or sold individually - Cree, Dakota, Dene, Ojibwe & Oji-Cree)
18 Completing the Circle - The Story of Native Languages in Manitoba (DVD)
19 Cross Lake Treaty Five Re-Enactment
26 Aagindaasowin - Counting 1 to 10 in Ojibwe by Niigaan Media
27 Classics in Cree by Delores Sand
28 Pocket Ojibwe by Patricia Ningewance
29 The Dakota Sioux In Canada by Gontran Laviolette
30 Akihtaasowin - Counting 1 to 10 in Cree by Niigaan Media (DVD Format)
31 O Canada (Ojibwe)
32 Whiskey Jack by Bill Ballantyne
34 Pocket Inuktitut - A Phrasebook for Nearly All Occasions by Martha Toka Peet
36 Pocket Cree - A Phrasebook for Nearly All Occasions by Kenneth Paupanekis
37 O Canada (Cree) sung by Dolores Sands (DVD format)
38 Dakota Word Search by Doris Pratt
39 Nagamodaa
40 Word Racing by Pat Ningewance
41 Zagataagan: A Northern Ojibwe Dictionary by Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre
42 "Pocket Ojibwe for Kids and Parents" by Trevor Greyeyes and Maeengan Linklater
43 Anishinaabemowin 12" Wall Clock
44 Ininimotan 12" Wall Clock
45 Wahbung: Our Tomorrows
46 Gidinwewin: Your Language
47 Onikamowak: Cree Gospel Songs
48 Delores Sand Prays the Rosary
49 First Nation Language Lesson CD- Dene
50 Forty Years a Chief
52 Zhiishiib Owaawanoon: The Duck's Eggs
53 Natowawewin: The Duck's Eggs
54 Babaamosedaa: Let's Go For a Walk
55 Ngodwezhaanag: My Family
56 Okik Nicisanak: My Family
57 Awesiwag: Animals
58 Pisikiwak: Animals
59 Riverside Dakota
60 How to Keep Your Language Alive
61 Pocket Oji-Cree
62 Aaniin Ezhiwebak?: What's the Weather Like?
63 Tanisi Esiwepak?: What's the Weather Like?
64 Spirit of the Seven Clans
66 Survival Ojibwe
67 a Seasons of the Year- Ojibwe
67 c Days of the Week- Ojibwe
67 d Shapes- Ojibwe
67 e Parts of the Body- Ojibwe
67 f Colors- Ojibwe
67 g Directions- Ojibwe
68 Biindigen!
69 Anishinaabe Izhichigewinan: Ojibwe Lifestyles
70 Ininiw Isicikewina: Cree Lifestyles
71 Tokaheya Dakota Iapi Kin: Beginning Dakota
72a Activities & School Subjects
72b Animals
72c Automobiles & Buildings
72d Birds & Fish
72e Parts of the Body & Items
72f Shapes & Time
74 Pé Ininímok: Mácitáwin Péyak
75 Gii-Nitaa-Aadisooke: Ojibwe Legends from from Lac Seul
76 Bi-Anishinaabemog: Bezhig Niigaan
77 Pocket Dene: A Phrasebook for Nearly all Occasions

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